Have you ever needed a criminal lawyer in Brisbane? If you have, there is probably a lot on your mind. And the fact that there are so many misconceptions about the process is not helpful.

Criminal cases are sensitive and extremely complex matters. The fact is, you need to be clear about what to expect. Going into the courtroom with the wrong impressions will cost you.

With that in mind, let’s get into some common misconceptions about the process.

The Lawyer Will Do All the Work For You

A common misconception is that hiring an experienced lawyer means they’ll do all the work for you. While this may be true in some cases, it’s not always true.

A good lawyer must make sure their clients are well informed and prepared for every step of the legal process. They don’t take orders from you; their job involves instructing you on how to get yourself out of this mess.

If You’re Found Guilty, There’s No Hope

There are many different types of criminal charges and each one comes with its own set of circumstances. This is simply not true.

Even if you’re convicted of a crime, there’s still hope for an appeal or post-conviction relief. Your attorney will help you understand all of your options.

criminal lawyer in Brisbane

An Unserious Crime Means No Serious Sentences

The severity of your sentence depends on many different factors. This includes whether or not it’s your first offence and whether there were any aggravating circumstances involved at the time.

Things like drug or alcohol use how quickly you co-operated with police after being arrested can affect your sentence. The best thing you can do is rely on criminal lawyers in Brisbane city to sort things out.

The Best Defence is to Be Uncooperative

While it is true that your lawyer will represent you in court, you need to be prepared to work with them. This means that you need to be cooperative so that they can do their job properly. Disrupting the proceedings will not help your case.

In Closing

If you find yourself arrested for a crime in Brisbane, be sure to hire a lawyer to represent you. Don’t let these common misconceptions sway you from hiring a criminal lawyer in Brisbane. The options are out there and you can choose the best criminal defence lawyer to suit your needs.

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